‍2020 – The Year of Murphy’s Law

…soon enough this crisis will pass and be in all our rear-view mirrors

2020, not the year anyone had planned or hoped for but there you go as the famous song goes…Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be, the future is not ours to see, Que Sera Sera… If the start to this year doesn’t accurately depict Murphy’s Law, nothing will. We can only hope that families and communities don’t lose loved ones before their time. A heartfelt thanks to all those working on the frontline, providing essential services for all. 

Given that we can’t open our doors anytime soon, we thought this would be a fitting moment to put pen to paper and provide some light reading over Easter 2020, an Easter that the history books will record as one of the most uncertain for many a year. A huge thanks to our families, friends and community for their support during this time. It’s clear that certain sectors are facing a tough and uncertain year ahead, not least small businesses in the hospitality industry and any seasonal businesses in rural Ireland for that matter. All businesses will now be taking a hard look at the road ahead and new opportunities for trade and commerce will need to be explored. Imagine well laid plans coming together in preparation for a successful launch and welcoming all through the doors for the first time…well scratch that and go back to the drawing board!

We may not be able to change the direction of the wind but we can adjust our sails to reach our destination, all the same” – A wise man. 

What lies over the crest of the hill? – no one really knows 

Community Spirit 

Now is definitely a time for “Meitheal”, coming together to help your neighbour. Meitheal is the Irish word for a work team or party and denotes the co-operative labour system in Ireland where groups of neighbours help each other in turn with farming work, such as saving the hay, bringing the turf, piking the silage pit in more recent times. Neighbours who give their work and time to others are helped in turn with their own seasonal tasks. At the heart, it is community unity through cooperative work and mutually reciprocal support. A true Irish expression of the ancient and universal appliance of cooperation to social need”

The Glen – A place rich in culture

We would like to extend thanks to all those of you who have shared family photos and tales with us. We will always welcome local folklore, old stories, photos of the Glen and photos of people from the Glen – Glensters - many of whom are sadly no longer with us. There must be some rare gems out there covered in cobwebs just waiting to be unearthed! We would love to showcase old photos or tales of folklore and display them in Driftwood to ensure they don’t get lost forever. Please share this message with anyone you may know who might have some. 

Willie Murphy and family 

Mike Brennan, Aghort

Our grandmother Bridie O’Connell with her sons Michael and Johnny O’Connell

Local art, photography and artisan producers  

We would like to hear from photographers and local artists who are passionate about the area regarding showcasing the best of local photography, craftwork and artwork throughout Driftwood. In addition, if any local sculptors or artisan producers are looking to sell their wares, then please do get in touch. 

Food & Drink

After all this blows through, what else will someone want other than a stiff drink given that you will have had plenty time to contemplate life and all that it can throw at you? So once that initial thirst has been quenched, sustenance must come next surely? Now would be a great time to hear from budding cooks, chefs or bakers with their favourite recipes or dishes which you would like to see on the menu at Driftwood. We have many ideas but would always welcome more; any recipes shared and used would receive full credit – feel free to send us an email : driftwoodsurfcafe@outlook.com

Miscellaneous - A few general items which we have been asked recently:

Q – Will Driftwood be dog friendly? 

A – We plan on having a dog friendly area but also keeping the main eating and dining area exclusive to hoo-mans :)

Q - What will Driftwood be? 

A - A restaurant with a café and small farm shop. We have heard several takes on what Driftwood will be, a Surf school being the most common misconception :)

Q - Will the crowd over the hill in Portmagee be welcome?  

A – Of course, we will welcome all :)


We will again be hiring once all this is over, a huge thanks to those of you who have contacted us and enquired about opportunities. Given how things have been flung into the air, we would really like to hear from those looking to work with us once things do get back to a new form of normality in the months ahead. We will be hiring both kitchen and front of house staff. If you believe you have a flair for cooking and a passion for customer service, then we would love to hear from you. 

Our ideas for the year ahead – Let us know if you have any more:

  • Monthly feast nights – an event where diners can come together and share conversations over food, drink and live music.
  • Gallery space for artists and photographers to display their work.
  • Morning Yoga space – if you are a yoga instructor and would be interested in working with us, please do get in touch. 
  • Cinema evenings – watch old films and make those long winter evenings pass a little more pleasantly and memorable. 
  • Quiz nights – who doesn’t love a good quiz! 
  • Card nights – who doesn’t like trying to spot those making signs across to the table to their partner in 31 or 45? Who knows the sign for the ace of hearts? 

Inspired by a quote a very good friend sent us recently...

A home isn't the four walls around you. It's the people you love and memories you create that provide you with the shelter you need to move forward. Cherish the time you have and make the most of this unprecedented time. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to get in touch should you have any queries and hopefully we will get the opportunity to welcome you all through our doors sooner rather than later. 

Lastly, now you have read this far :) please take a moment to explore our new and revamped website! We have been working hard to shape it prior to opening our doors and move on from our initial information sharing site. A huge thanks to Jacob Anderson for his help and craft on this